How it Works

The Postdoc Portal offers advanced graduate students and current postdocs searching for their next position the chance to connect directly to faculty, research groups and centers at universities and research labs across the country in STEM.

Everyone starts by creating an account.

Advanced graduate students and postdocs from any college, university or research laboratory begin by creating a postdoc profile including biographical information; statements of research, diversity and mentoring; a short CV; and up to 4 research interest areas. 

Faculty members and senior research scientists at wanting to reach out to potential postdocs create a research group profile including statements of research and mentoring; opportunities available to postdocs; contact instructions; and up to 4 research interest areas.  Once a research group profile is created, any number of postdoc job listings can be added.

With an account and a submitted profile, users are automatically matched to all the profiles and job postings, based on shared areas of research interest. Users can also browse and search though all postings in the Portal. 

Learn more about the portal from one of our RUA graduate students, Jazzmine.

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Matches are automatically made based on shared areas of interest as identified by up to 4 CIP codes students/postdocs and faculty select. Anyone with an account can also create a network on the Portal.

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The Research University Alliance (RUA) Postdoc Concierge works to connect prospective postdocs with RUA faculty mentors and staff. The Concierge can help navigate the Portal and job search process. Still have questions or need help? You can also reach out to the Concierge about fellowship opportunities, linking to professional development resources, and more.