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Research Group

Rua Lab

University of Texas - Austin

Faculty/Research Supervisor: Alex Rua
Mentoring Technique:

Our research group focusses on developing the whole scientist. Research, while very important, is not the only area in which we hope to develop our young researchers. A work-life balance is emphasized for all research group members. As a mentor, I work with the graduate students and postdocs to develop a mentoring relationship that is mutually beneficial. These relationships look different for each person. Weekly group meetings and biweekly one-on-ones help to ensure there is open communication. Our research group also works with a number of outreach opportunities in the Austin area to help foster a love of science in the next generation of scientists.

Lab Description:

Our group works at the intersections of computer science, space exploration, engineering, and geology. We are working to develop a virtual reality environment for space exploration. Using data collected from orbiters, spacecraft flybys, landers, and rovers we plan to render 3-D environments that the user can explore. By immersing yourself in the environment, researchers, especially geologists, can get a better sense of the total environment. This allows for a fieldwork-like experience on a foreign planet. By bringing the far-off locations to the researchers we hope to gain a better understanding of the geologic processes that have led to the current environments.

Lab CIP Codes:
  • Computer & Information Sciences: Computer Software & Media Applications: Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation
  • Engineering: Computer Engineering: Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Physical Sciences: Geological & Earth Sciences/Geosciences: General
  • Physical Sciences: Astronomy & Astrophysics: Planetary Astronomy & Science
Lab Keywords: Virtual reality, Field geology, Planetary Science, Moon
This research group has following opportunities available for postdocs:
  • Supervision/Mentoring
  • Community Outreach
Contact Instructions:

If you’re interested in talking more about our lab, please email Professor RUA at RUA@rua.fiction. Please include some information about your research interests or experience.