Postdoc Portal FAQs

Who should create a profile?

Principal Investigators at universities and research labs across the country should create a research group profile. If these groups have a specific job opening, they should create position listing.
Graduate students and postdocs looking to obtain a future postdoc position should create a postdoc profile.

When should I, a graduate student, create a profile?

Once you have advanced to candidacy and are ready to start considering future postdoc positions you should create a profile.

How do I find my CIP codes?

The entire list of CIP codes that are used in the portal are available here. This list is a subset from the Department of Education’s list of Classification of Instructional Programs (CIPs). These reflect the most common codes used when describing STEM university programs. If the CIP code you feel most accurately reflects your research is not available in our list, please pick the closest code available. 

Why can’t I find my profile?

All new profiles are sent to moderation when they are initially created. They will be reviewed promptly by portal administrators. If it has been more than 3 working days since you published your profile and it is still not available, first please ensure it is not still a draft profile in your account. If it has been published, please contact the RUA portal administrators.

I don’t have a .edu or .gov email address but I think I’m eligible to create a postdoc profile. What do I do?

Please contact the RUA site administrators. They will be able to confirm your eligibility and grant you access.

I have concerns about something I saw on the portal. What do I do?

Please use the report button to flag any content you have concerns about for the portal administrators. You can also contact the administrators directly.

I used this portal to find a postdoc position but now I’m a faculty member looking to advertise my research group. How do I switch my account type?

Please contact the RUA portal administrators. They will be able to switch your account type for you.

How can I get more information about RUA and the upcoming activities?

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